Olivia Carter

“This project has allowed me to gain experience in multiple areas of research including plant biology, genetics, genomics and pest management. I have decided to join the CSU graduate school for my M.S program thanks to the experience working on this project.”

Project: Can cannabinoids work as pesticides to help with agricultural production in Colorado?

Francesca Macaluso

“The ICR grant funding for my role in this project has provided me the opportunity to pursue dissertation work that has clear and immediate public health impact in the world of vaping and cannabis use, all while continuing to develop my analytical and environmental health research skillsets.“

Project: Health Effects of Heavy Metals in Cannabis Flower, […]

Leonardo Orozco

“ICR funding has been instrumental in all of my research. The existence of ICR should be a model for other states, as it drives research, innovation and training, incentivizing Colorado institutions to invest in Cannabis science.”

Project: Dissecting the Genetic Basis of Sex and Dioecy in Cannabis Sativa For the benefit of the Colorado Hemp Economy

Eleftherios Hetelekides

“Through my work leading this complex human research study, I have developed organizational and leadership skills that will continue to serve me throughout my PhD program and my career. I have also been learning phlebotomy to collect blood samples from study participants, which we will analyze along with various other subjective and objective measures of […]

Dr. Urvashi

“Working on the current research, which is funded by the Institute for Cannabis Research, is allowing me to develop the abilities required to become a competent and advanced synthetic cannabis chemist. This is expanding my present understanding and expertise of physiologically relevant heterocyclic (-N, -O) compounds and their separation. The project is assisting and supporting […]

Elisa Stern

“I have been centrally involved in a study examining the relationship between adolescent cannabis use and later life suicidality. This ICR funded project has allowed me to receive fantastic mentorship, under which I have learned advanced behavioral genetic statistical analytic methods, among other skills. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to […]

Elliott Yee, MD

“Working with Dr. Stewart on how cannabis can affect pain medication requirements after surgery is very exciting – can’t wait for the final results!”

Project: Comparison of Cannabinoids to Pain Medication for Surgical Outcomes with Patients Undergoing Abdominal Cancer Surgery

Cameron Carpizo, RN

“This has been my first research position. I am involved in the screening and enrollment portion of Dr. Stewart’s cannabis studies. It has been really interesting to learn from our oncology patients regarding their usage of cannabis. I look forward to hearing the results of the studies I am assisting with, to better understand how […]

Nathan Andersen, M.S., Ph.D. Student

“I am profoundly grateful for the ongoing opportunity to be involved with this project. With guidance from Dr. Lowry, I have been able to bring some small modicum of my own developing expertise into this incredibly important and vastly understudied area of research. It’s incredibly exciting to work on something that has the potential to […]

Carolina Corredor Perilla

Project: Important soil bacteria functions in Seed Germination of Cannabis, Phosphorus solubilization and Mycelial Growth Inhibition of Fusarium sp. in Cannabis sativa. L.