The ICR is committed to helping foster the next generation of well trained and talented, unbiased, and objective cannabis research scientist. We believe that a high-quality science-based education is the key to implementation of best practices in the professional cannabis arena and will produce the most benefit and least harm to the citizenry that produces and consumes legal marijuana products. 

The ICR Sponsors and Supports Student Education in Cannabis Science

The ICR is sponsoring the development of an online cannabis certificate program at CSU Pueblo. Coursework will be available beginning in spring semester of 2024 and will be aimed at providing cannabis education which will serve the public at an entry level. Offerings will cover a variety of emphases ranging from regulatory and legal aspects to biomedical, chemical, and agricultural aspects of cannabis.

The ICR also supports CSU Pueblo’s Cannabis Biology and Chemistry BS Program by providing experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students in the program. This is achieved through a partnership with the ICR’s internal research program at CSU Pueblo.

The ICR additionally supports the development of student researchers involved in its externally funded research programs by allowing research funding to support student involvement, and through implementation of its Emerging Cannabis Scholars program.

Student Research in ICR-Funded Projects

The ICR involves student researchers in most of its externally-funded and internal research projects. Students involved in this research education include undergraduate and graduate students. These students will become the next generation of cannabis researchers in the state of Colorado and beyond. Supporting these students in their science learning ensures that high-quality scientific knowledge about the impacts of cannabis on human activities will continue to be generated well into the future.

Emerging Scientist Awards

ICR is additionally supporting students who have received the ICR’s Emerging Scientist Award this year. This award represents one of the many ways the ICR is supporting the highest quality education for the next generation of cannabis researchers in the state of Colorado.

Renée Martin-Willett

“With this award, I will be able to dedicate a greater portion of time to my interests in the neurobiology of aging, an important track of research in my training. I will also be presenting recent findings at the 33rd Annual International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium in Toronto, Ontario this June.”

Lillian Folts

“The Emerging Scientist Award from the Institute of Cannabis Research has been incredibly impactful to my career development and training as a developmental biologist. This scholarship is enabling me to present my research and network with scientists in my field at two national conferences, the Society for Developmental Biology Annual Meeting and the Institute of Cannabis Annual Conference. Additionally, the funds from the Emerging Scientist Award have allowed me to perform experiments that earned me authorship on two manuscripts, one of which was recently published in Molecular Psychiatry and the other is set to be submitted for publication soon. The Emerging Scientist Award has provided me with career development and scientific training opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.”

Ashley Master

“Thanks to funding from ICR, I’ve been able to more fully dedicate my time and energy to a novel and fascinating study on the accuracy of cannabis product labels. The stipend has been so helpful in relieving the financial stress of grad school!”

Emma Lamping

“Receiving the Emerging Scientist Award from ICR is very exciting for me. As a first-generation college student, receiving outside support to develop my research skills means a lot to me. I plan to use this award to help conduct meaningful research on how cannabis effects pain management for surgical patients. I will also use this opportunity to advance my knowledge of how to properly investigate scientific questions which will help prepare me to lead future research projects during my career. Thank you for this award and opportunity!”

Leonardo R. Orozco

“This emerging scientist award supports my PhD research on Cannabis at CU Boulder. This award will contribute to my ongoing research projects and doctoral dissertation by allowing me to establish mathematical models to understand the interaction between cannabinoid genes and validates the importance of mathematical models in the understanding of gene interactions. Being validated as an emerging scientist by the Institute of Cannabis Research is incredibly empowering and lends credence to the value I place on my work. Additionally, this award is extremely meaningful as a person of color given historic and current racial injustices associated with Cannabis; in particular, the racially disproportionate rates of arrests and incarceration for Cannabis possession present a material and symbolic barrier for academics of color interested in studying Cannabis. To receive validation from the ICR on my research in this area is larger than myself and effectively represents a step towards racial equity.”

Karli Swensen

“The Emerging Scientist Award is critical for my development as an independent scientist within my lab. Not only did this award fund a new computer set up for big data analysis, but it’s funding my attendance at a major conference within my field. This funding is expediting my research and helping me understand how CBD consumption during pregnancy effects baby’s brain development. I am grateful for the support of the Institute of Cannabis Research and the wonderful researchers who are affiliated with it.”

Cianna Piercey

“As a recipient of the Emerging Scientist Award, I’ve gained hands-on experience with cannabis and alcohol administration procedures and Dr. Karoly’s novel mobile drug administration laboratory. Serving as a graduate research assistant on this study has been instrumental to my development as a cannabis researcher and paramount to achieving my long-term goal of directing my own lab one day. Ultimately, the Emerging Scientist Award has allowed me to contribute to innovative translational research on legal-market cannabis that will inform both policy and practice.”