Internal Research

Dr. Park in a laboratory


Dr. Sang Park, Lead Plant Molecular Scientist/Research Liaison

Dr. Sang Park is a highly accomplished plant molecular biologist who has led cannabis and cannabinoid research projects at the Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) since 2017. His primary objective is to investigate the impact of environmental factors on cannabis growth and cannabinoid production, with the aim of developing an ideal cultivation system that maximizes cannabinoid quality and quantity. In collaboration with Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation in South Korea, Dr. Park’s team has identified significant effects of relative humidity (RH) on plant development, particularly high RH elongating stem growth and delaying flowering of cannabis, which also affects cannabinoid profiles.


In addition to his cannabis research, Dr. Park is investigating the therapeutic functions of cannabinoids using a non-traditional model system. He has used the tobacco hornworm as an alternative model system to test phytocannabinoids, discovering that cannabidiol has a dual function as an insecticidal agent and can rescue insects from alcohol intoxication. Dr. Park believes that this model system could provide an alternative tool for high-throughput investigation of cannabinoids.

Dr. Park is committed to sharing his knowledge through teaching, research publications, attending conferences and seminars, and mentoring students in CSUP research programs. He is also a research liaison at ICR, building collaborations with countries such as South Korea, Spain, Israel, and Canada. Currently, he chairs the hemp cultivation webinar series sponsored by ICR and the Volcani Institute in Israel. Dr. Park welcomes any research collaboration to advance cannabis sciences for future generations. Interested parties may contact him at for further inquiries.

Visiting Researchers

EunSoo Kim, PhD.

Professor, Konkuk University, South Korea


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