Donate to Support Cannabis Research

The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) was created at CSU Pueblo in 2016, becoming the first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution of higher education. The ICR’s mission is to conduct unbiased and innovative cannabis research in diverse topic areas and see the results of cannabis research publicly disseminated. The ICR continues in this mission by supporting research led by investigators throughout Colorado, hosting an international Cannabis Research Conference, supporting the publication of the Journal of Cannabis Research, and hosting a monthly Webinar Series.

For the past several years, the ICR at CSU Pueblo has made substantial progress in creating the state’s only cannabis-focused research institute. Through daily collaborative efforts, the ICR at CSU Pueblo has sought to build a global network of cannabis researchers and stakeholders to collectively pursue unbiased and sound research on cannabis so that the state, country, and its citizens can make informed decisions around this unique plant.

The landscape of cannabis is rapidly changing in the United States and other countries. In many ways, the landscape is changing more rapidly than the pace of research, and there are many scientific, medical, industrial, and social impact research questions yet to be answered. The ICR is now accepting donations to further its mission. This is an opportunity for you and others to build upon the investment that the State of Colorado has made in establishing the ICR, to see cannabis research advanced, and to ensure those results are shared.

Donations are being accepted from individuals and most organizations. At this time, we are limited to accepting contributions from individuals and federally compliant organizations. We hope you will consider making a donation to the ICR and impact cannabis research capacity. Questions can be directed to