Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeff Smith, Biology, and Dr. Chad Kinney, Chemistry

As part of a research project conducted by the ICR, a 99-100% CBD isolate material was provided by Lilu’s Garden, Ltd., of Denver, Colorado for developing infrastructure for cannabis growth and research at CSU-Pueblo. The specific usage of the CBD isolate was by Dr. Sang-Hyuck Park, a research scientist exploring the defensive roles of cannabidiol against natural cannabis sativa predators, as well as the use of CBD as a dietary supplement. The Institute wishes to acknowledge Lilu’s Garden for its assistance in providing the 99-100% CBD isolate at a substantially reduced cost, which enabled the Institute to further research efforts into cannabis and its derivatives. This collaboration was made possible by connections made through the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation and Executive Director Tom Dermody. It is through such partnerships and collaborations that the Institute of Cannabis Research works toward accomplishing its mission of exploring all things cannabis.