William Baurerle, PhD
Professor, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University

Water for irrigation and essential elements for plant nutrition, two critical inputs for Cannabis production, are finite resources. We aim to quantify Cannabis crop essential element and water use requirements in intensive horticulture production systems. Quantitative data of this nature provides mineral nutrient and transpiration management information that producers can deploy for resource input decision-making throughout the crop production cycle. Developing best practices to improve and optimize nutrient and irrigation efficiency will provide small- to large-scale Cannabis producers with scientific knowledge to increase their input efficiency, reduce resource waste, and increase the sustainability of a horticulture industry critical to Colorado’s economic growth and prosperity. The outcome will increase nutrient and irrigation application efficiency, thus allowing Cannabis producers to conserve fertilizer and water resources. Overall, the project aims to develop best management practices to optimize nutrient and irrigation use efficiency throughout Cannabis production cycles.