Renée Martin-Willett

“With this award, I will be able to dedicate a greater portion of time to my interests in the neurobiology of aging, an important track of research in my training. I will also be presenting recent findings at the 33rd Annual International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium in Toronto, Ontario this June.”

Lillian Folts

“The Emerging Scientist Award from the Institute of Cannabis Research has been incredibly impactful to my career development and training as a developmental biologist. This scholarship is enabling me to present my research and network with scientists in my field at two national conferences, the Society for Developmental Biology Annual Meeting and the Institute of […]

Ashley Master

“Thanks to funding from ICR, I’ve been able to more fully dedicate my time and energy to a novel and fascinating study on the accuracy of cannabis product labels. The stipend has been so helpful in relieving the financial stress of grad school!”