Emma Lamping

“Receiving the Emerging Scientist Award from ICR is very exciting for me. As a first-generation college student, receiving outside support to develop my research skills means a lot to me. I plan to use this award to help conduct meaningful research on how cannabis effects pain management for surgical patients. I will also use this […]

Leonardo R. Orozco

“This emerging scientist award supports my PhD research on Cannabis at CU Boulder. This award will contribute to my ongoing research projects and doctoral dissertation by allowing me to establish mathematical models to understand the interaction between cannabinoid genes and validates the importance of mathematical models in the understanding of gene interactions. Being validated as […]

Karli Swensen

“The Emerging Scientist Award is critical for my development as an independent scientist within my lab. Not only did this award fund a new computer set up for big data analysis, but it’s funding my attendance at a major conference within my field. This funding is expediting my research and helping me understand how CBD […]

Cianna Piercey

“As a recipient of the Emerging Scientist Award, I’ve gained hands-on experience with cannabis and alcohol administration procedures and Dr. Karoly’s novel mobile drug administration laboratory. Serving as a graduate research assistant on this study has been instrumental to my development as a cannabis researcher and paramount to achieving my long-term goal of directing my […]